About Me

Hi, my name is Paulina Kierzek-Trzeciak and I am a self-taught artist located in Berkshire, UK. I specialise in mandalas as well as realistic and expressive portraits of people and animals. I also make abstract acrylic pouring art and jewellery.

I have been drawing and painting since I was a kid. It was my first passion, the most natural activity that nobody had ever had to force me to, or even encourage. Most of my spare time I spent sketching, drawing, painting and simply enjoying the act of creation. No other activity has ever given me so much - and believe me, I tried and enjoyed a lot of different hobbies.

Unfortunately, for almost 40 years I believed it was nothing special. I thought everyone could do the same and convinced myself that I would never do it professionally and for a living. I got used to think it was ONLY a hobby.

Luckly, it changed some time ago when I started listening to my heart and accepted the fact that I could never live without my drawing and painting passion.

I hope you'll enjoy watching my art as much as I love making it.

I am also a creative writing teacher and a personal development trainer specialised in conscious and creative living. In my workshops, I combine personal development with creative activities, such as drawing and painting or creative writing. By teaching basic painting techniques, I help my customers to discover their potential and boost their creativity as well as build their self-consciousness and self-esteem. I love the moment when my customers start believing in themselves and their potential to live a conscious and creative living.